Every animal deserves to be treated with compassion and respect. Deserves to live a normal life with happiness.

Save this rabbit from deathrow

Put one of your beloved furry family friends or even yourself in Claudette's situation. How would they/you feel? We take too much for granted until something like this makes us stop and actually think about it.

Every little fur kritter that has been placed in a be saved or die situation, should…Read More

I adopted a bunny once who shelter staff said nipped and growled. When I got her home, fed her and gave her a nice place to live, she was the sweetest girl in the whole world. Everyone loved her. I think that most rescued bunnies can be wonder pets inthe right environment. I feel so sad that I…Read More

A rabbit is a peaceful animal whose only ambition is to LIVE on, and, with a little chance, to be treated with love.

I've had two large female rabbits rescued from a lab in Southern Germany - these girls knew their names, and kept jumping on my lap for cuddles. PLEASE, some one have mercy on…Read More

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