I have adopted several animals from shelters into my forever home & know that one very special dog had been returned several times... I was lucky to have years of love from wonderful pets that would other wise have met this same fate.
I have recently called & had friends go to shelters…Read More

Just because God gave man dominion over the animals as stated in the Bible, I don't interpret that to mean to kill all helpless animals, especially those made helpless by man, I think He meant to care for them.

We must love animals they are pure of heart, they are like angels did God here on earth, decvemos respect them, love them and care for them too, they just want our affection we protect them from human waste that only make cruelties, malustratos , love animals, they are part of God's creation!

I have adopted 2of my lil pitties from Miami bade kill shelter..they love me so much its like they know I saved them..If we want to do away with the death penalty for humans committing sickening crimes..then an innocent animal lives should also be spared..we pay millions of dollars a yr. amonth a…Read More

California is my home state. But I am so embarrassed by all the senseless killings that go on in the so-called shelters for animals. California is one of the wealthiest states there is with all of the movie stars that live there. Maybe these people should start spending their money at home where…Read More

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