Middle School Wise Youth

·         WHEN: Fridays, 3:30-5:30

·         WHERE: Three Sisters Resource Center

·         WHO: 30-40 Middle School Students

·         MISSION: The mission of Wise Youth is to educate our peers, community & family on prevention of violence, teen pregnancy, gangs and alcohol & drug abuse. 

·         WHAT: Youth-driven prevention programming on healthy relationships, alcohol/drug use, gangs, pregnancy, and more.  Over 4,000 hours of direct services during the school year!

·         BY THE NUMBERS:

o   900-1200 meals are served at Middle School Wise Youth in one school year—80% of Wise Youth members report that they depend on this as their dinner Friday nights. 

o   1500 miles of rides home are given in one school year—90% of Wise Youth members would not be able to attend group without provided rides.

o   Middle School Wise Youth has more than quadrupled in size since 2011.


o    “Wise Youth made me a better leader by teaching me to listen to other people’s ideas”

o   “Wise Youth educates people who or can be hurt, abused or influenced to use drugs”

o   “Group helps me to be wise in my action, and be there for people when needed”

o   “Wise Youth Group is amazing everybody. So thank you for helping me not do drugs & make the right choices”

High School Wise Youth

·         WHEN: Mondays, 5:30-7:30

·         WHERE: Wise Women Gathering Place

·         WHO: 10-15 High School Students

·         MISSION: “The mission of High School Wise Youth is to stop abuse and think before action. We will better the world one step at a time by helping to improve relationships because no youth or teen should be left behind or forgotten."

·         WHAT: Increasing youth leadership and facilitation skills to create youth-driven prevention programming around healthy relationships and community.

·         BY THE NUMBERS:

o   This year, High School Wise Youth reached over 150 students across Wisconsin at conferences, giving presentations on healthy relationships

o   High School Wise Youth organized and facilitated over 15 hours of programming for the Middle School Wise Youth group, serving as great role models for the younger students

o   High School Wise Youth is in its second year and has already tripled its membership


o   “Wise Youth helped me with difficult decisions at home and in life.  It’s kept me from doing drugs and alcohol, it also kept me from doing very bad things.”

o   “If I never had Wise Youth, I would either be an out of temper bully or a bystander, because I was both before I went to youth group, and I didn’t even realize it until Wise Youth group.”

o   “Wise Youth has helped me step up to leadership.” – MaKayla

o   “Without Wise Youth, I wouldn’t be sharing my perspectives at all. I feel like my opinions matter, and they’re opinions about my culture. I gained a lot of experiences here.” – Faith

o   “I gain a lot of knowledge on important subjects like teen dating violence or bullying.  I also became a very good speaker in front of groups.” – Synala

o   “I think the community should help Wise Youth because we can change when we work all together.  You all will be surprised what kids can do.  Youth do have a voice, you just have to listen.”his is the body.

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