I have been helped by others giving and it helped. I think it is a social responsibility. If you are unable to donate to at least support the idea, as a way to counter balance our high level of consumerism in a modern world.

Giving to others for the simple joy of knowing I made someone else's day a little better is my reason. The only way to spread the happiness we all deserve is to give it to one another.

Siento compromiso moral a estas causas , imposible dejarlas pasar

New research suggests that giving gratitude can have powerful ripple effects.

The power of ‘thanks’

Harvard Gazette
In “Sidetracked: Why Our Decisions Get Derailed, and How We Can Stick to the Plan,” Francesca Gino, an associate professor at Harvard Business School, explores a range of fascinating subjects, including how emotions influence decisions and the often-thorny matter of understanding the perspectives of others. Blending social science and real-world…Read More

A day for giving...aid, hope, hands to those needs, to those who are on hard situations and whose voice is silent, also if speaking by heart. a day for is a day for our hearts open to others claudio alpaca

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