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Stand Up for Safer Chemicals

America's toxic chemicals law is so out of date and badly broken that it leaves known carcinogens in our homes.

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A different chemical, but an eerily similar story...

Either change the system or risk another “Silent Spring”

Environmental Defense Fund
For years, I’ve been inspired by Rachel Carson and motivated to follow in her footsteps by highlighting and addressing the health effects of chemical exposures. But I didn’t think that I would ever be discussing issues that so closely mirror her own life’s work. More than fifty years have passed since her iconic Silent Spring, yet because of our…Read More

When it comes to toxic chemicals, you can't shop your way out of it--what we need is updated chemical safety legislation!

Toxic chemicals will sneak into your holiday – find out why

Environmental Defense Fund
You try to keep toxic chemicals out of your home year round, and the holidays are no different. Maybe you’re practicing clean shopping this holiday season; buying an organic, free-range turkey; using a cast iron pot to make your stuffing instead of a “non-stick” one. That’s all great, it really is. But it’s not enough.  Despite your best efforts,…Read More