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Help End Dirty Energy

America currently has NO national limits on carbon pollution from power plants--help us change that.

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Environmental Defense Fund
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Climate change is here, affecting us now. We need to act to help stop it in its tracks!

100,000 people are drowning

Environmental Defense Fund
Sometimes talking about global warming can make you sound like an "alarmist." The impacts are likely to be so wide-spread, dangerous and expensive that it seems to like you're claiming the sky is falling (rather than just that it's filling up with pollution). It is hard to process such daunting information, even when it's based on hard science, so…Read More

There's a lot of buzz about the latest U.N. climate report, released late last night. What does it all mean? Get the breakdown from EDF's…Read More

6 key insights from the latest IPCC climate report

Environmental Defense Fund
Since 1990, the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has released a series of reports that assess the latest data and research on climate change. The reports are issued approximately every five years. In September 2013, the IPCC issued its newest round of reports by sharing the latest science, concluding with more…Read More

Our response as a nation should not be to shrink from the challenges of renewables, but rather to keep working toward a smarter, more…Read More

80% electricity from renewables? It’s possible, but policy prevents it.

Environmental Defense Fund
If renewable energy is a good thing, then a lot of renewable energy is a very good thing, right? Not exactly, according to recent articles in the L.A. Times and Forbes about challenges posed by the growth of renewables.  But, as we’ve pointed out, the issue here is not too much renewable energy, but rather a vulnerable U.S. electric grid built for…Read More
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