Help Animals in Movies (HAM) was created in direct response to the movie 'The Grey', when it was learned that director Joe Carnahan made the cast eat wolf. Upon further investigation it was learned that oversight and protection of animal use in movie productions were entirely voluntary, and not mandatory as most people believe.

Most of us believe that animals used in movies are protected, and that no animals may be subjected to injury or harm. Nothing could be further from the truth.You see the dirty little secret is that animal protection during the filming of a movie is totally voluntary. A production company does not have to have American Humane Association (AHA) oversight. Additionally, production companies can simply film outside of the United States and they are allowed to circumvent US Animal Cruelty laws.

Our purpose is to enlighten the public to these gaping holes in animal protection, and to help push for enactment of stricter laws protecting the use of animals (domestic and wild) in movies, the removal of the American Humane Association from animals in production oversight & protection,  and the requirement that any film produced outside the United States for distribution in the U.S., must conform to all proposed animal cruelty laws.

Please investigate the issues and help spread the petition!

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