John Seeley saved Kimberley, he put his own life on the line to rescue her. He must be her hero and I really think she admires him. There is no better place for her. She is finally home!! Let her have a wonderful life with her saviour.

Kimberley en Seeley het klaar n bond met mekaar gesmee. Ek pesoonlik voel dat daar n ondersteuning vir die twee in die toekoms moet wees. Die rede is as Seeley vir Kimberley kry het ander nuus gebeure weer die land getref en die twee is vergete. Net die naaste aan hulle sal weet hoe dit met hulle…Read More

I haven't been lucky enough to visit the Kimberley Hole so I've no idea whether there is a proper security type fence around the perimeter of the actual hole. If so, how did the dog Underdog fall in the hole? If not, why is there no PROPER fencing around the hole, because the next time it could…Read More

This campaign matters because LOVE makes the World go round and this little fellow deserves to be loved by his new Family!

Underdog's kamstag owner's story smacks of neglect and slapgat ownership.
He claims he did "everything" to get his (missing, unneutered, non-mico-chipped, collarless, tagless, running loose) dog back. Well - if THAT is "everything", it basically amounts to sitting back and waiting for your…Read More

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