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Anita Kotze

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Help Kimberleys Underdog Stay With Her New Family

Kimberley deserves only the BEST, and the best for her now is the Hero that saved her live, loving home and knowing that she is cared for and loved by a true animal lover! She belongs to the Hero not the one that abandoned her for eight days. Kimberley, I wish you could talk and tell us how exactly you ended up in the big Hole! Help her be happy for the rest of her live! Let her stay with her new owner!

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Tatjana Rapp

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Help Kimberleys Underdog Stay With Her New Family

There are a few questions which rise that only suddenly the owner came when the dog was rescued and out of the Hole? Then if he has lost his pet as the dog was gone already for a few days, did he report this to the local SPCA there in Kimberley ? Then the whole world knew that the dog is in the hole and everybody tried to make a plan to rescue this dog ...the owner should have also heard about this rescue mission and be interested ... perhaps it was his dog and try to see which dog is there in the hole ? But no... he did not pitch up ... only after the dog was out the hole and alive and the world saw this dog as heroic as the person who rescued the dog... then only he showed interest ... The other point is ... how did the dog land up in the hole in the first place ... it it not easy getting there and to land into the water only he must have dropped from the bridge into the water ... now you wonder did the dog come onto the bridge ... and did somebody perhaps push him into the hole ??? These are all questions which we all have ... whatever the case was ... why did the "owner" not pitch up already when the dog was already for days in there trying to get out ... !! We hope that the dog is going to somebody who really cares like the person Captain Steeley who did not think of his own risk of going down and trying to get the dog out... this is what every pet should have ... an onwer ... who goes for them through fire !!

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Hester Chalmers

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Help Kimberleys Underdog Stay With Her New Family

John het sy lewe gewaag om die hondtjie te red uit die Groot Gat in Kimberley. Daar was dadelik 'n band tussen hulle en John het omtrent uur lank met die hond gepraat en haar gepaai om haar sover te kry om na hom toe te swem en sodoende haar te red. Sy is klaar so erg oor John en baie bly om hom te sien! Nou wil 'n pastor die hond "claim" na sy 8 dae missing was en hy geen poging aangewend het om haar te soek nie. Asb mense teken die petisie dat sy by John bly.

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