Because I have been a victim and I know how difficult it is to admit this

Women are primarily responsible children's upbringing hence if we are to produce a peaceful and just society we need to protect them by any means.

I lost my best friend. She was an amazing person with the most beautiful smile that warmed your heart everytime you saw her. She was taken tragically due to domestic violence. Its important for society to get involved and take a stand and help sqve

I myself was in an abusive marriage of 7 years only and till today, i still have my moments with negative flash backs and i do not wish it upon anybody else. I have very strong believes that no person man or woman has the right to treat another in a way they would not want to be treated! Do not…Read More

Men and women are equal on this earth. If you're a believer I mean a woman came from a mans rib. A woman should be treated as a queen not a princess simply because they are our equal. Men who lay hands on women give gentleman a bad name. They need serious help. That's why as women you guys need…Read More

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