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Anne Siesener Torres

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Stop Velma M. From Neglecting & Breeding More Animals

Please join and share this cause with others. Velma says we are picking on her supplementing her social security at age 74 but she is not capable of properly caring for these animals and shows no remorse for their living conditions. She doesnt care what you do with them. Fur,meat,breed,pet or whatever. None of them had food or water. We have a rescue here but are full and 200 rabbits are difficult to rehome when not socialized or vetted their whole lives. We dont want to see euthanized because shelters cannot keep to rehome either. If she is not stopped now it will happen again in a year or so. Please spread the word to stop her now.

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Rich Henry

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Stop Velma M. From Neglecting & Breeding More Animals

This ruling by Judge Tobben in December, 2013, was totally ignorant on his part. Evidence was presented by well qualified vetinarians on behalf of the state showing the neglect to these animals and the deplorable conditions that the 193 rabbits and other miscellaneous animals were being kept in. A blind person could realize it. Had they not been legally seized with a previous court order, during this hellatious winter we have had and still are experiencing, most of those would most likely have perished under Muessleman's so called care. Fortunately the St Louis Humane Shelter of Missouri still is caring for them in conditions they should be cared in. This case should go viral with the pictures previously presented for all to see and point the finger of shame on both Judge Tobben and Muesselman. Please show and sign your support to be the voice of those (helpless and defenseless animals) that can't defend for themselves. I hope all my friends, relatives, associates, etc will sign and share with all their family, friends, etc. It will be the only way justice will be done and help not only these rabbits, but others in the future. Thank you, Richard Henry at Henrys Ra66it Ranch of Staunton, Illinois, USA

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Marjorie Manahan

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Stop Velma M. From Neglecting & Breeding More Animals

I have personally experienced being on her "farm." It is not a farm. but a pitiful back-yard, scum-bag operation were animals are kept in make-shift lean-tos. It is a total abuse of animals where there are extremely over-crowded, absolutely filthy conditions. The animals are undernourished, some having to eat their own fur and the face fur of their pen mates to stay alive. Many are anorexic and have difficulty putting on weight after years of good care. (I know I purchased one of her animals four years ago.) She made me sick talking of throwing the rabbits in a fryer, and castrating the goats with a butcher knife! Her rabbits have upper repertory infections, syphilis, pneumonia, skin and intestinal parasites. Then she advertises them to be shown, for children's pets and eating. Get serious! Shut her down. Would you want one of her rabbits for your child???

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