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Hold Harper Accountable to International Treaty

Failure to implement key priorities of the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity contributes to injustices.

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Paula LaPierre
Paula LaPierre Campaign leader

The Kichesipirini Algonquin First Nation believes that State administrations often avoid proper compliance with implementation of…Read More

Kichesipirini The Future We Want In the World We Want

  2 Every Nation, including Indigenous Peoples and communities, owes this to itself, since the loss even of one of its members weakens it, and is injurious to its preservation for those who compose a Nation are united for their defence and common advantage; and none can justly be deprived of this consistent with the principled conditions. Civil…Read More
Paula LaPierre
Paula LaPierre Campaign leader

Many Algonquins face charges and court processes in unceded Algonquin Nation territory because they have not been adequately informed about…Read More

Harper 's Failure to Implement International Treaty in Algonquin Nation

  1 Affidavit: Drafted for the Algonquins in Quebec interested in preservation of traditional /customary governance of the Algonquin Nation. Algonquin Nation and the Need for Transitional Justice and Truth Commission in Unceded Algonquin Nation Territory Summary: The Harper administrative State in Canada failed to implement key requirements…Read More