Compassionate consumers must use their purchasing power to send a strong message to cosmetics manufacturers that testing on animals is cruel and unacceptable.
Whether it happens at a cosmetics company or inside a secretive contract laboratory somewhere in the world, cosmetics testing on animals is tragic. It's an industry in which evaluating a new formulation of a skin cream is more important than the suffering of hundreds of animals and in which painful and archaic tests claim the lives of thousands for little more reason than improving a product's market share.

Unfortunately, if industry lobbyists have their way, a ban that would remove animal-tested cosmetics from store shelves may soon be overturned, opening the door for thousands of rabbits, mice and other animals to be killed in cosmetics tests.

Please help animals like them before it's too late.
Cosmetics tests are hell for the thousands of animals confined to cages in laboratories. Pregnant animals are force-fed chemical ingredients to see if they cause deformities in their babies, and chronic tests involve feeding animals chemicals over months – or even years – causing pain, seizures, paralysis and death. All this misery is for something as insignificant as hair dye or mascara.

Less than a decade ago, PETA helped win a major victory for animals when the European Union agreed to ban all animal tests for cosmetics within the EU by March 2009 and to ban EU sales of all cosmetics tested on animals anywhere in the world by March 2013.

But now the European Commission is considering delaying the last stage of the ban, perhaps even indefinitely. If the delay is proposed, members of the European Parliament and governments of all EU member states will still have to agree to it, but the consequences of losing that vote following pressure from massive cosmetics companies would be disastrous for animals. We must not let industry forces reverse the ban on the sale of animal-tested cosmetics!

Delaying the ban would mean that huge cosmetics companies like L'Oréal and Procter & Gamble would still be permitted to test ingredients on many thousands of individual animals outside Europe for products sold within Europe. Animal testing for cosmetics currently takes place in countries such as the US, where rats and mice basically have no legal protections, and China, where animal welfare standards are lower still.

More than 75,000 supporters from around the world have already sent the European Commission messages in support of putting the ban in place, and PETA's experts have met with the European Commissioner to directly press for the same. Through your support today, we can put more pressure on UK and EU decision makers to keep their word and let the ban go into effect.

Thank you for speaking out for the thousands of rabbits, guinea pigs, rats and other animals who need us right now to put an end to the terrible pain and suffering caused by cosmetics testing.

What you can do...
1. Only buy products from companies that don't test on animals!
A comprehensive list is available at Encourage your friends and family members to support humane companies, as well.

2. Let companies currently testing cosmetics on animals know that you will not buy their products until they stop. Most companies have toll-free numbers that you can call for free!

For those of you who are PETA supporters here is a link to help.

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