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Save The Amazon Forest

I saw A Documentary based on Ayahuasca called "Shamans of the Amazon ". I recieved the information wanted about the ayahuasca but heard what the native people said and became very upset. They said "I dont want People from America to come here and destroy our land by sucking out the blood of our ancestors, The black gold. Do they think they are so clever with their technology? No, we are the clever ones; We defend the lungs of this planet!"

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Robert Tromp

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Save The Amazon Forest

Antonio Augusto Cesar Junior wants to Save the Amazon Forest Amazon deforestation. In the last 12 months, were devastated 5,843 km2 of forest, an increase of 28% over last year. BURNING BRAINS THE BAND, a Hard Rock Band from Belém of Pará, Brazil that fights against Amazon Destruction.

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