Callous owner dumps his dying cancer-stricken dog in freezing temperatures..

This is the moment a heartless pet owner dumped a dog suffering from terminal cancer on the steps of an animal shelter at 4am in near freezing temperatures.
The shadowy figure can be seen lurking in the bushes outside the RSPCA branch in Coventry before appearing to yank up his trousers and heading off into the darkness.
With the centre not due to open for several hours, the dog was left shivering and close to death outside the shelter, abandoned by his owner in what RSPCA staff are saying is one of the worst cases of animal cruelty they have ever encountered.

The Rottweiler, named Harris by staff, was discovered the next morning by a worker at the centre, and was later found to be so riddled with huge cancerous tumours that he had to be put down.
Glenn Mayoll Animal Centre Manager said: 'This truly is the worst abandonment of any animal at the centre in the eight years I have worked here.



A spokeperson for the RSPCA added: 'We are appealing for information as to the owners of this animal who had obviously allowed him to suffer for several weeks and finally extending that suffering by leaving him for dead on the Animal Centre's doorstep.
'Anyone who may have any information can call 0300 1234 999 and leave a message for RSPCA Inspector Louise Labram who will be investigating the case.'

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