'Consumers have a right to know the brutal truth that Cadbury's would rather keep quiet, how dairy products are produced...
Dairy cows must be impregnated yearly to produce milk for human consumption but many of the male calves born are deemed surplus as demand for veal is limited.
They are shot soon after birth and turned into pet food or other low-value products.

Farm that sells milk to Cadbury 'shoots male calves to feed hunt hounds'.
Campaigners' undercover footage shows shooting.
Bristol farm shown in film supplies chocolate giant.

Animal rights campaigners have claimed dairy calves only days old are being shot to feed hunt hounds.
Undercover footage by campaigners shows a young male being shot in the head as it stands on a pile of calf carcasses in a trailer.
The farm in Bristol shown in the film supplies milk to Cadbury, which makes 250million bars of chocolate each year.

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