A Dutch artist by the name of Katinka Simonse, also known as TINKEBELL, mutilates and kills animals in the name of art. She has taken it upon herself to be the murderer, butcher, and torturer to many innocent animals. Please urge the Dutch government to strengthen its laws against animal abuse.
Some of her live art performances have consisted of stuffing 100 hamsters into tiny balls. They have, since then, been taken away from her. She has also threatened to throw baby chicks into a paper shredder. Even worse, she has butchered dogs and dismembered them. Undeniably, her most appalling "work of art" to date is when she killed her own cat. With her own hands, she skinned it and made it into a bag.
Simonse's actions have caused outrage in Amsterdam as well as the rest of the world. Her works of art have illuminated the inadequacy of the Dutch government's laws against animal abuse. Her artwork has drawn attention to and questioned "social norms" and the convoluted definition of "normalcy." Freedom of speech through the means of art has historically been a significant part of our society; however, abusing innocent animals to make a political point is unnecessary, irresponsible, and repulsive. There are many non-violent, and less cruel, modes to express our thoughts and opinions.
Art is a great way to express oneself in a creative and abstract way. However, Simonse's political works of art are unwarranted. Innocent animals are being abused and killed in the sick name of art. Demand that the Dutch government bring Simonse to justice for her shocking acts against animals. Art ends when animal abuse begins.
PLEASE sign the Petition..thankyou.

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