Economic justice is worth fighting for! I whole-heartedly support all of the Walmart workers. Their persistence and creativity in the face of massive resistance is truly inspirational. Thank you for your continued struggle. Onward brave workers.

In solidarity,
Robin D


This is just so ludicrous I am in shock! How can they seriously ASK for handouts for their staff with a straight face? It is blatantly obvious that their staff are underpaid if the company itself has to ask for handouts for the staff to have a holiday meal. People are trying to work for a living,…Read More

Every working person should make enough money to purchase food for a Holiday like Thanksgiving. Maybe if everyone in this Country would turn to the real leader and his name is Jesus, we would all be better off.

Always I help who asks my assistance. I'm a Dean of Education, an Academician, a Goodwill Ambassador, a Regular Member of the International Amnesty-U.S.A., a Regular Member of the Philippines Red Cross etc

Professor Vasilios Gikas, Academician (Economy & Law)

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