Boycott Gujarat socially & economically till guilty are punished & victims get justice.!! The blood & lost honor of Gujarat's 2002 carnage victims' cries for justice. What have we done so far to show solidarity with Gujarat's victims? We must boycott Gujarat socially & economically till Justice is served & the perpetrators punished for their heinous crimes..

Stop buying goods "Made in Gujarat". Stop using services of Gujarat based companies, financial institutions, banks, universities etc. Sever all business & cultural ties with Gujarat. Let the whole world know that Gujarat cannot prosper by climbing over dead bodies. To support this cause, you can

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1. Stop buying products or services "Made in Gujarat" 2. Invite all your friends to join this cause. 3. Do your bit to show solidarity with the victims of the Gujarat riots. 4. Exchange lists of products, services & institutions that can be avoided.


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