The Indigenous Peoples of the World Unite with One Voice to Save Humanity and Mother Earth. Please become apart of the ever growing and inter-connected Indigenous Peoples of the World.

Show the beauty of our language, culture, traditions, spirit, wisdom and intelligence to the world.

We are here and we care about the world and all living things - let us make the world a better place together.

The Earth is Alive and all Living things Matter - Let us Celebrate Together for the Common Good of Humanity and Mother Earth!

We celebrate, we sing, we drum, we dance, and we pray together for the past, present and the future!

1) Respect all living things - if one species or plant life becomes extinct - it hurts all of of humanity. All living things have a reason to exist on Mother Earth.

2) We only take what we NEED from Mother Earth, never take what you want!

3) Learn how to share and care; Mother Earth nurtures our health and welfare - the earth is a gift.

4) Let us inter-connect and celebrate that we are here, to teach and inspire future generations.

Indigenous People are beautiful, let us begin a wonderful journey and connect to one another world-wide and deliver teachings as old as the Pharaoh's themselves and bring Harmony and Peace into the world that wants healing.

We have the spiritual knowledge to heal the earth. We are human without discrimination against all living things, its time we join together in celebration of life.

Its time to wake up the Spirit of Indigenous People World-Wide

HU' CH' QU' Sharon Lewis

Coast Salish Territory

Federation of Indigenous Women Canada


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