PETITION: PLEASE NOTE, THIS PETITION WAS NOT STARTED BY MORRISON'S AS SOME OF THE COMMENTS SEEM TO IMPLY, IT IS AGAINST MORRISON'S AND STARTED BY ME FEDERICO MEILAK : (WHY SHOULD I SIGN? YOU SHOULD SIGN TO BRING THE PRICES DOWN ) You may be one of many customer's that walk out of MORRISON'S with a sour taste in your mouth because you handed over more cash than you should have, or, you may be one of the lucky ones that can afford to pay the inflated prices, would like to say something, but bite your tongue because you don't like to say, but how about other families in the community that find it difficult to meet the prices of the commodities that you can afford ?, answer : THEY HAVE TO GO WITHOUT, what do you do when you are short changed at a store,? You complain and tell others about it, WHY? Answer: because you have paid over the odds, so why put a happy face on as if you didn't care and continue paying over the odds for the commodities that should be cheaper at Morrison's, see for yourself at the link below, compare the GIB prices with the UK ONE'S and see the difference, changes are starting to happen at Morrison's Gibraltar since I started this petition, act now and support the Community, BE PART OF IT and I'll do my best to make this work.

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