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B.C. animal killer called 'psychopathic'...
A 22-year-old B.C. woman who admitted to taking delight in killing animals and fantasizing about shooting homeless people is set to be released on probation with strict conditions.
One psychologist who spoke with Kayla Bourque ahead of her sentencing Wednesday in Vancouver Provincial Court testified she will likely require supervision for the rest of her life.

Other doctors described her as a sexual sadist and narcissist with anti-social personality disorder and sociopathic tendencies.

"It is clear that Ms. Bourque is a very unique and troubling case," said Judge Malcolm Maclean as he delivered what he described as "probably one of the most comprehensive probation orders I've ever done."

'Sociopathic' animal killer to be released on probation
WARNING: This story contains disturbing content!

"It is clear the animals would have suffered significantly prior to their deaths."

Despite Bourque's past barbaric acts and twisted fantasies, she will be released on probation, possibly in January, where a psychologist has indicated that she will likely require lifetime supervision.
Bourque's behavior and morbid desires are so heinous that her own family does not want her to live with them. The authorities believe that the young woman is a serial killer in the making.
Bourque has many guidelines to adhere to during her probation, including no access to the internet and no possession of duct tape, hypodermic needles or knives.

Want to voice your outrage, your concern ..over KAYLA BOURQUE?
Contact -
Correctional Service Canada
General Enquiries..
National Headquarters
340 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0P9
Phone: (613) 992-5891
Fax: (613) 943-1630

The Province of British Columbia-
E-mail the Premier ([email protected])


UPDATE Dec 3rd 2012
via - Keep Psychopathic animal killer -Kayla Bourque locked up
UPDATE..this post was received >
from the Vancouver Police Department...
Please do not petition to contact the VPD High Risk Offenders Unit as we do not know yet whether she will be residing in Vancouver once she is released from Canada Corrections. If she does end up residing in Vancouver, then the VPD High Risk Offenders Unit will be responsible for monitoring her - if she resides elsewhere in BC, then it will be up to the police agency where she resides. The VPD do not have any involvement or say as to whether or not she will be released from Corrections - that is determined by Corrections Canada and the judiciary.

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