Stop Retailers from Selling Products which Discriminate Against Certain Animal Breeds!
Its stunts like this that not only make it more difficult to change how the public views pitbulls, it also encourages punks to continue to abuse pitbulls to make them fight and ensures that pitbuills will spend months, or even years in animal shelters because people are too afraid to adopt them.

Seriously- what kind of utter crap is this?
The geniuses at Walgreens are selling pepper spray that is being marketed as "Pitbull Defense Maximum Strength Pepper Spray" because, you know, pitbulls are inherently violent and dangerous.
If Walgreen must stock products such as this (for example personal safety protection aids - against other humans)...they really need to rethink their marketing approach. The name of the spray needs to be changed and absolutely NO PICTURES of any Pitbulls shown anywhere on the packaging.

Please sign this petition asking Walgreen's to stop selling Pitbull Defense Maximum Strength Pepper Spray and encourage other people to sign it.

Here is another petition and pages to support>>

Stop Walgreens and other retailers from selling breed specific products

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