I think we should support this parents and specially on holidays like this, imagine how sad it is for those parents not javing their…Read More

Parent Together

To ensure the safety of our children and our loved ones

It is time to stop the senseless killings of all these innocent people. We need to get Congress to enact more gun control laws and do it now.

Guns are totally unnecessary and without them, there would be no innocent lives lost!

These parents have been working hard to make our children live better lives, let's help them and care for them in return for all their…Read More

Parent Together: A Promise For The Future

The Newtown Bee
Parent. It is a noun, and it is a verb, pointed out Sandy Hook Promise (SHP) Communications Director Nicole Hockley and Advocacy Director Mark Barden, and it is the action form of that verb that is the thrust of the new SHP program, Parent Together. The initiative was rolled out Thursday, November 14, exactly eleven months after the shootings at…Read More
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