Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) has secured a commitment for a vote for her bill, the Military Justice Improvement Act (MJIA) – the fundamental reform we have been fighting for – for early this year. A bipartisan majority of legislators, and 6 out of ten Americans support this common sense legislation, which would bring fundamental reform and create an independent and impartial military justice system for victims of sexual assault.

The Washington Post reports "support for stripping commanders of responsibility over assault and rape cases crosses all gender, racial, political and ideological divisions." 

Though we've waited for months, the Congressional delays have given us time to gather more support. Help us stop the abuse of our service men and women. They deserve better.

Let's keep the momentum going by calling, emailing, and tweeting your Senators. Tell them why you support the MJIA. Share on Facebook so you can let your friends and family know. Ask them to to help spread the word!

You can call those Senators listed below who still haven't backed the MJIA at: 1-888-907-6886. 

Whitehouse (Rhode Island)  

Toomey (Pennsylvania)  

Rubio (Florida)  

Lee (Utah)  

McConnell (Kentucky)  

Barrasso (Wyoming)  

Cochran (Mississippi)  

Coburn (Oklahoma)  

Warner (Virginia)  

Coats (Indiana)  

Hatch (Utah)  

Moran (Kansas)  

Johnson, R. (Wisconsin) 

Call Now!

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