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Darren Ross
Darren Ross Campaign leader

https://www.causes.com/campaigns/71149-protest-canadian-authorities-to-release-s-a-f-f-e-designs?recruiter_id=187928678&utm_campaign=sh…Read More

Protest Canadian Authorities to release S.A.F.F.E Designs · Causes

S.A.F.F.E Sustainable Automated Free Food Designs eliminates world hunger providing free food, free shelter, and free education.  S.A.F.F.E designs eliminate poverty, eliminate forced monetary labor, eliminate frivolous industry, eliminates homelessness. S.AF.F.E designs are humanities absolute freedom to focus on global challenges and damaged…Read More
Darren Ross
Darren Ross Campaign leader

S.A.F.F.E Sustainable automated free food environments is the first step to eliminating global hunger, providing free shelter, free…Read More

Protests by Mexican Teachers Continue to Swell

Lenin Ocapmo Torres/European Pressphoto Agency Armed with iron rods and rocks, dozens of masked members of the teachers’ union in Guerrero State attacked the local offices of the four major political parties on Wednesday, smashing windows and overturning furniture. MEXICO CITY — One of President Enrique Peña Nieto’s signature efforts to shake up…Read More