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Make a law animal abusers are tried as if a human was abused

Animal abusers do not receive just court trials. So, people who abuse animals must be tried as if they abused a human.

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Gabby f.
Gabby f. Campaign leader

Yet another sad case of an innocent animal mistreated without any justice given to his abuser...

Florida officials: No penalty for employee animal cruelty and dog euthanasia
No disciplinary action or penalties have been imposed against Animal Services workers by Hernando County, Florida, officials, whose employees violated a seven-day hold policy by killing an 8 month old dog, Zeus, just 12 minutes after arriving at the shelter on April 13th. On Thursday, Public Safety Director Mike Nickerson, Human Resources…Read More
Gabby f.
Gabby f. Campaign leader

These innocent animals are harshly abused, yet the people are getting away with little punishment.

Animal Crimes and Punishment
Posted on: 4:59 pm, November 13, 2013, by Raegan Medgie, updated on: 05:40pm, November 13, 2013 Many times when Newswatch 16 covers a story about animal cruelty you, our viewers, speak out about the punishments the convicted animal abusers should receive. As we followed an SPCA Humane Officer for a day, she says for some cases you’re right.…Read More