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Raise awareness to the poor state of public transportation

Public transport provides mobility for the poor, reduces congestion, and emissions

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Some good resources to learn about recommended policy changes, and research and journalism on this issue.

The Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality - Issue - Transportation

Transportation The United States implicitly subsidizes people who can afford cars by making its main infrastructural investments in automobile transportation. For poor people, public transportation becomes a main means of transportation, but they are forced to pay inflated prices (in terms of time and direct charges) because collective…Read More
Brian Cantwell
Brian Cantwell Campaign leader

This article shows that a transition has already begun towards varied use of transportation, but it needs encouragement from improved…Read More

Young people driving less, embrace other transportation

Larry Copeland, USA TODAY 10:37 p.m. EDT October 1, 2013 Two new studies find that young Americans are changing the nation's transportation landscape. They drive less, want to stay connected as they travel, embrace car-sharing, bike-sharing, ride-sharing. Merete Wells walks to work from St. Paul to downtown Minneapolis in July 2010. Her…Read More
Brian Cantwell
Brian Cantwell Campaign leader

This article shows some of the issues that America currently faces today and in the future with our poor infrastructure and the risks that…Read More

Life in the slow lane

The Economist
ON FRIDAY afternoons, residents of Washington, DC, often find a clear route out of the city as elusive as a deal to cut the deficit. Ribbons of red rear-lights stretch off into the distance along the highways that radiate from the city's centre. Occasionally, adventurous southbound travellers experiment with Amtrak, America's national rail…Read More