VIDA is a project that improves nutritional access in rural Mexico through compact home gardens and dietary counseling. In Mexico 70% of adults are overweight, but because healthy foods aren't available, many also suffer from malnutrition. Participating VIDA families grow sustainably and earn income on the surplus fruits and vegetables they take to market.

The Sustainable Earth Solutions team, based out of Buffalo, NY, is a group of three driven individuals committed to teaching corporations and young adults about sustainability. We will be visiting the Totonac people, outside of Puebla Mexico, to train nutritional counselors how to teach families about nutritional health. These counselors will be teaching 500 families, or 2,500 people, to improve their nutritional health by giving lessons and helping them start organic family gardens. The families will then have the opportunity to sell the surplus produce at community markets and spread the knowledge they have gained through the program.

With growing pressure on the environment to provide for an ever-increasing population, it is important to ensure people have access to good and healthy foods. This project will not only help the people directly involved in the training. The knowledge will be spread throughout communities with the help of community interactions and produce markets.

The funding raised for this project will help the Sustainable Earth Solutions team afford air travel, as well as ground travel, training supplies, housing, and food. The team has worked thouroughly to raise funds to make this project happen, now we just need help getting there!

We have already raised over $3,000 for the project, and will be the lead sponsors if we can only raise this $4,000 more. With your help we can make this happen, and help families eat and live more healthy.

Thank you so much for taking your time to read through this. We hope you will consider helping fund the project, as it means a lot to the SES team.

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