There is a growing sea change to help save sharks from extinction.

Shark fin soup and other shark products are the primary cause for the senseless slaughter of sharks and for the inhumane act of shark finning.

Help to raise awareness on the importance of sharks in the ocean ecosystem and make your community go Fin Free™. 

Ban the possession, sale and trade in all shark fin products.  

Fin Free's successful campaign started with the inspiring movie Sharkwater and has since spawned a global movement to save sharks by educating and equipping individuals, restaurants, businesses, schools, communities, states and nations with the information and support to go Fin Free.  

You can support shark conservation too by signing these petitions and starting your journey to Go Fin Free here.  Donate, sign, share, join a Fin Free Chapter, or start your own and we will guide you towards a successful Fin Free campaign in your community, where ever you are!  

Become a Fin Free leader and together we can turn the tide for sharks!

What do we want?  A Fin Free Planet!  When do we want it?  NOW!  Up to 100 million sharks are killed every year!  Shark populations are down up to 90% in some species.  This is a critical issue that demands immediate action!

Humans and most all life on Earth relies on our oceans for survival.  Oceans and phytoplankton give us over half the oxygen we breathe.  A healthy ocean means a healthy planet, and our oceans rely on sharks to keep balance, as they have for 450 million years.   Do what you can by getting informed, sharing your understanding, supporting the campaign and making waves to say no to shark fin soup and banning the sale, trade and possession of all shark fin products.  

Save sharks and we may even save ourselves in the process!!! 

Go to to go #finfree! 

Thanks for signing!  Hi fin!


Tristan Bayer

Co-Founder, United Conservationists

Campaign Leader, Fin Free

*Fin Free™ is an open sourced campaign powered by United Conservationists, Inc., a US based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

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