a life for a life may be the rule of nature for survival..
but no where or no way is it right for anyone to take that into own hands and exchange an innocent life for sake of recreation or otherwise...
every living being has right to breathe, no right to use another as a bait.. so pls support the…Read More

No animal should be treated inhuman. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Would u like to have. Hooks put through ur nose and. Ur mouth and thrown into the ocean as bait ? No one would like that why should a dog be any different show some compassion. If not let the police know who u r along with ur address so they can come to u and make u bait and see if I like it…Read More

This story matters for a lot of reasons. However, I will list the one that means the most to me. No animal animal should ever be used as bait. There are millions of people who look at animals as their families. Think about it, in a way, you are killing a member of a family. Rather you think they…Read More

Dogs are meant for pets not for human or mammal consumption. Its beyond cruel and un-necessary, sharks eat whatever is living in the sea to survive and these heartless human beings could use other food sources, other than other animals as bait. What sort of human being would resort to this act of…Read More

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