Too Many Bunnies Rabbit Rescue:  URGENT CARSON SHELTER RED-LINED

Sadly rabbits continue to be dumped at shelters and in the wild. TEMP FOSTERS NEEDED!  These buns have been in the shelter since July and August and have until Nov. 17th -FOUR DAYS- to be pulled or they will be put down.

If you can't adopt you can still show the buns you care by becoming a foster. Every foster from death row, saves a Life and makes a place for another to be saved.  Every donation to TMBRR helps keep the Rescue open.We are still totally full...If anyone can foster or adopt, please contact the Rescue or the Shelter.

There is no charge for Spay or Neuter.Adopt or Foster:  
Too Many Bunnies Rescue, Linda Baley 714-264-4241
Adopt: Carson Shelter, 216 W. Victoria Street, Gardena CA 90248 (310) 523-9566

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