PTSD, Depression and PA is Child abuse. Our family law system preys on the parent child relationship to increase the business of the courts. We want to educate our legislators to correct this wrong.

We simply want to remove children from adult conflicts. Our mission is to expose how 300,000+ American lives have been lost in the past 10 years due to profit seeking legal professionals and associated experts. In 2009 6000 veterans took their own life (silent victims) many related to family law matters. The organized concealment of these deaths “under the color of law” must be held accountable to the victim’s families. We seek to unite all parent groups to expose the corruption in the family law business. We seek accountability of the guilty public servants and their prosecution under federal laws.

We seek public oversight of the judicial branch. We intend to hold corrupt public servants accountable for their crimes against the public interest. Expose how judicial corruption extends into your legislation. The Mosquito report ([email protected]) outlines a tactic to unify all group efforts. Our intention is to hold the judicial members accountable for systematic PTSD, Depression and Parental alienation tactics that abuse child parent relationships. We seek legislation to end predatory practices: Absent abuse, neglect and abandonment we seek a rebuttable presumption of equal parenting. Abuse will be defined by criminal code.

Children have a right to have access to both parents. Our objective is to keep the assets in the at risk family. We seek to prevent profit seeking legal professionals from stripping assets. To preserve the family’s assets is in the best interest of the children. No one can claim the attorneys and experts need the assets more than the children.

We seek to expose traitors in our legislation that are attacking our Constitutional rights with United Nations Treaties. All legislators took an oath to protect our Constitution it is a act of treason to allow these rights to be taken. Contact to help defend your rights.

We seek to expose the abuses of public funding. These abuses promote false allegations of domestic violence to increase the needs for legal services. Activist Judges routinely grant protective orders to obtain public funding and remove children (deadbolt parent) from caring loving parents. Lawyers routinely neglect their responsibility to enforce the reporting of professional misconduct. We seek public oversight of our judicial branch to protect the public interest and maintain the integrity of our courts.


UNITE= safety in numbers united we cannot be suppressed HELP create public outcry! RECRUIT= wake up the suppressed and general public create and use email lists take legislative action. Educate others to become activists!
EDUCATE= share/cut and paste information and educate the public about the deceptions and corruption get media attention anyway you can. Create public documents to help reduces fees. Read your States constitution and the Constitution of the United States
EXPOSE THE CORRUPTION= protest the courts and legislation, file Attorney grievances, Judicial Grievances, video tape the corruption expose criminal acts of legislators, judges and lawyers. File lawsuits against lawyers, judges, social workers for RICO violations. File statement of charges directly with your Grand Jury for investigations against judicial members and associates. Enforce the separation of power “Vote Lawyers OUT!” report ethics violations.

Get the video cameras out and organize protest expose the corruption anyway you can.
United we can will hold the guilty accountable to silent victim’s families.
United we can protect our children and parents. Contact
United we can reduce suicides related to family law matters. Demand military investigations into our judicial branch.
Try to do something every day to help expose the corruption.


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