Remove Systemic Racism and Discrimination toward native families of Cowichan, Duncan, Chamainus, Ladysmith, Naniamo BC. Time to make social workers and legal aid workers accountable. There are layers of discrimination toward native families and social workers and lawyers must be made accountable in British Columbia for Acts of Discrimination causing undue pain, and hardships to families and children. Time to build up native families on - off reserve and end the systemic legal destruction of our children who grow up, and destroy themselves. We want our families built back up with strong cultural supports!!! Remove all actions made by family and child services that impose cultural genocide to native families of Coast Salish Territory, British Columbia. To remove native children from Coast Salish Territory is Kidnapping - with no Treaties in place. Let Reconciliation begin and Remove Racism within the Child and Family Service's Delivery and Actions; Time to Revise the Child Welfare Act of BC and with NO TREATIES, native children are within First Nation jurisidction.

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