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Haunted by the Newtown massacre, police officer faces firing over PTSD

STORY HIGHLIGHTS Newtown police officer, haunted by tragedy, faces termination because of PTSD Thomas Bean has contemplated cutting himself and continues to have flashbacks of the carnage Newtown's police union may file a lawsuit against the city State covers mental health if it's accompanied by physical injury, lawmaker says New York (CNN)…Read More
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Local veteran on a mission to help Sandy Hook responder

By JESSICA MASULLI REYES SUSSEX BOROUGH — A Vietnam veteran from Sussex Borough is doing his part to help a responder to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting get disability benefits for post traumatic stress disorder. Jack Cunningham, 63, has collected more than 7,000 online signatures toward his goal of 10,000 for…Read More

More officers battling PTSD and the town for benefits.

Newtown Officers Want Long-Term PTSD Coverage

NBC Connecticut
Sergeant David Kullgren's life forever changed as a result of one of the darkest days in Connecticut history.  The 11-year Newtown Police Department veteran is sharing his experiences about the moment he entered Sandy Hook Elementary. "There was the constant feeling of who's going to come around the corner and try to shoot you," Kullgren…Read More
Jack Cunningham
Jack Cunningham Campaign leader

Just 3 Days Away

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On December 14, 2013, It Will Be Sandy Hook School Massacre First Anniversary

A First Responder To The Massacre Needs Your Support

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Sandy Hook Policeman may need to retire due to PTSD. He should get his long-term disability. Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome is very real. Please sign.

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