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Maria Rios

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Stop The Sale Of Child Sized, Life Like Sex Dolls

Please join me in this very important cause. I've been advocating for children who are victims of abuse and human trafficking for 8 years now. I am very passionate about this program. I have met real victims of sexual abuse and human trafficking. I'd like to define "Sex trafficking or slavery" in case you may not be sure about its definition. Sex trafficking or slavery is the forcing of human beings into any form of commercial sexual exploitation. Commercial sexual exploitation includes pornography, prostitution and the sex trafficking of women and girls, and is characterized by the exploitation of a human being in exchange for goods or money. Sex slavery is caused by inherent gender inequalities allowing the demand for sex slaves to flourish—the belief that there is no harm to purchasing the bodies of women and girls. Seventy-nine percent of human trafficking victims are women and girls and most end up in sex slavery. In order to end slavery, we can use several different methods which include: raising awareness, assisting victims, preventing slavery from happening in the first place, and advocating for better laws and enforcement. We must protect our children and grandchildren. I'm a grandmother and I want to spread awareness and make it known that this crime is happening everywhere, not only in other countries. Many people still don't believe it is happening here in our very own back yards. But it is. Collectively, we can help stop this vicious crime from happening to innocent children.

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Pat Kane

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Stop The Sale Of Child Sized, Life Like Sex Dolls

Please sign this petition to stop the sale and manufacturing of these life size dolls. This a hideous outcry to even think of these sorts of dolls. I want to help protect the young and innocent both now and in the future. This also only encourages padophiles to continue their distorted behaviour. Please please help me stop this sale as soon as possible. We together can do this, if anyone has a thought for their children or grandchildren, I ask you from the bottom of my heart to sign this petition. I've been informed that they are in some way connected to Amazon. We need to let these people know that this nor anything like it, is not going to be tolerated. Thank you God Bless Pat x

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