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TJ Matty
TJ Matty Campaign leader

A good start but more is needed!

How a 2009 Law Is Protecting Veterans from the Government Shutdown

While veterans will not be immune to a government shutdown, the pain will be significantly mitigated by a new law passed in 2009 that is intended to protect veterans’ hard-earned benefits in the event that Congress came to another standstill over the budget. In 2009, Congress passed and President Obama signed into law a bill to begin funding…Read More
TJ Matty
TJ Matty Campaign leader

A perfect example of the issue with veterans benefits!

Hundreds of thousands of war vets still waiting for health benefits

STORY HIGHLIGHTS Veteran Mike Rioux waited for more than a year for disability benefits The Department of Veterans Affairs expects 1 million claims this year alone The backlog has meant an average wait of eight months Phoenix (CNN) -- Mike Rioux can't go to the grocery store without making a list, even for a single item. He can't drive…Read More