1.  Aware that Americans will spend approximately 600 billion dollars on Christmas shopping in the 2013 season, and; 

2.  Aware of the suffering caused by over-consumption, and exploitation of the environment and living beings, and; 

3.  Aware that the earth’s resources are limited and that the survival and peace of all depends on our living simply, and; 

4.  Aware that billions of living beings lack basic necessities such as food, clean water, and shelter, and; 

5.  Aware that my happiness and the happiness of my friends and family is not dependent on material possessions;   

This holiday season, I pledge to consume mindfully by:   

1.  Spending in moderation; 

2.  Only patronizing ethical companies; 

3.  Purchasing gifts from and making donations to charities who are working towards the well-being of all living beings and the environment; 

4.  Not purchasing or consuming any goods that involved the harm or death of any living being, including fur, leather, wool, meat, dairy, or any other products that exploit animals for fashion, food, or entertainment; 

5.  Purchasing goods from companies with fair labor and human rights practices; 

6.  Purchasing goods from companies with environmental sustainability policies; 

7.  To reduce the impact of transportation on the environment,  shopping from local ethical businesses; 

8.  Focusing less on material gifts, and instead focus more on giving my Love and Kindness to All the Beings I encounter on my path.  

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