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S.A.F.F.E Sustainable Automated Free Food Environments provides free shelter, free education, free food

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Darren Ross
Darren Ross Campaign leader

S.A.F.F.E Sustainable automated free food environments is the first step to eliminating global hunger, providing free shelter, free…Read More

West Coast Fuked Until 2030's With 'Highest Levels Of Fukushima Contamination' Until At Least Then... | Health

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Darren Ross
Darren Ross Campaign leader


Suzuki's Dire West Coast Warning

The Huffington Post
JAPAN-DISASTER-ANNIVERSARY-TSUNAMIA little boy prays for his relatives killed by the 2011 tsunami at a cemetery in Minamisoma in Fukushima prefecture on March 11, 2013. Japan on March 11 marked the second anniversary of a ferocious tsunami that claimed nearly 19,000 lives and sparked the worst nuclear accident in a generation. AFP PHOTO/ Yoshikazu…Read More