Operation H2MO: Water for the Victims of Yolanda

A quick brief: this project started because the Phillipines based team of Modus Operandi, an LA based agency, wants to help ease the suffering of this beautiful country in the wake of the Typhoon. The storm's eye narrowly missed us and now we are in the unique position of being able to marshall forces and make an impact. We have decided to focus on water. Originally this was an inter-office project, but due to some lucky winds (for once) the word spread and it's grown bigger than we expected.  Our goal is simple: Modus Operandi (MO) Cebu will deliver as many one-liter bottles of Nature Spring Water (discounted here for the cause) as possible to the affected areas of Typhoon Yolanda. Water is running out and time is of the essence. We are asking for your help. We have generously been allowed to make this happen fast by working under the umbrella of non-profit Glory Reborn, which is a Cebu-based birthing clinic run by Dave and Hilary Overton – trusted friends of the team. The donation is tax deductible and safe. The ask is very simple. Make a donation to the site on the page. Anything. Our LA office has generously primed the pump with 500 USD. Then as often as we can, we rent a big truck, load up the water, drop it off at a collection center here in Cebu City and off it will go to one of many ravaged areas by sea or air. We personally know the people involved on the relief effort on the ground and are planning our own trips so we can keep close tabs on where the water is going.  You all will have been an integral part of the humanitarian aid effort that is mobilizing in this wonderful country. That's it. We are buying water and we're making sure it gets delivered to the right groups. Simple and clean. Join us. Thanks from MO CEBU!
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