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Hanh Tran

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Free Vietnamese Blogger Dieu Cay

We need to force the government of Vietnam to free all prisoners of conscience, but we need to focus on one at a time. Điếu Cày has been imprisoned for a year now without trial. The government hasn't got a case against him that will stand up in a proper court of justice. He must go free now. Chúng ta cần buộc chính phủ VN phải trả tự do cho tất cả tù nhân lương tâm, nhưng nên chú tâm vào từng người một. Blogger Điếu Cày đã ngồi tù cả năm mà chưa được đem ra xử. Chính phủ VN không có cáo trạng nào để kết án Điếu Cày mà có thể được chấp nhận bởi một toá án công lý thực thụ. Điếu Cày phải đựợc tự do ngay lập tức.

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Kamaljit Singh

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Free Vietnamese Blogger Dieu Cay

In the United States, we take our freedom of speech for granted. In many countries, speaking up about politically sensitive issues can land you in jail or worse. Even running a personal blog can get you in trouble. Dieu Cay is one of the most popular bloggers in Vietnam, has been unjustly imprisoned and is currently serving a 12 year sentence for "conducting propaganda" against the state. Many petitions mean well but aren't backed up by a real-world plan to create change. This petition is supported by the Committee to Protect Journalists, which has several full time staff in its Asia program who work on press freedom issues everyday. Please take the time to sign.

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