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Expel Saudi Arabia From Un, Olympics And Fifa Memberships

The abuse of Ethiopian migrant workers and the massive deportation was done under less human condition stripping the person their minimal human dignity. The Kingdom of Saud Arabia as well as the Ethiopian Government are signatory to the ILO Convention on Forced Labor(1930,No 29),despite this the world watched the KSA defiantly ran migrant workers through a hideous system called Kafala in which individuals are allowed to sponsor unskilled migrant workers into the country. This is a system that allowed a lot of abuse and human trading .It is no less than modern time slavery. To add insult to injury the thousands of Ethiopian migrant workers deported from KSA were sent empty handed with their employer allegedly refusing to pay for service rendered. This being said the Ethiopian government is equally responsible for failing to defend its citizen and for note taking note of the early warning sign of abusive employment condition, in accordance with the ILO Convention 143 on Migrations in Abusive Condition and the Promotion of Equality of Opportunity and Treatment of Migrant Workers. Both legal and non legal migration are phenomena of our time ,this however should not give way to abusive treatment by those who venture to seek a better life beyond their border. It is the responsibility of all nations , international organization and the media to educate the public about the danger of human trafficking .Funds used to transport deportees could have been used proactively to stabilize population and bring development to the sending countries. While we can not and should not stop labor migration ,we must regulate it and make it respectful of human dignity. This is a shared responsibility of the sending and receiving countries.

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