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    Owner/Founder of the small business "GHG GLOBAL POWERHOUSE." Very creative and caring person.

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Gillian Gaspard
Gillian Gaspard Campaign leader

This article is important, as it highlights the many threats that our marine environment faces. It is important to keep our oceans free of…Read More

Mojalink - Protecting Our Marine Environment

Ocean Trash truly is a global problem that affects human health and safety, endangers marine wildlife and costs states and nations countless millions in wasted resources and lost revenue. At its core, however, ocean trash is not an ocean problem; it is a people problem-perpetuated by the often unwitting practices that industry and people have…Read More

Many countries and individuals are now concerned about the impacts of Global Warming and Climate Change on the environment.

Mojalink - The Impacts Of Global Warming And Climate Change

Have you asked yourself what sort of world would you be witnessing in the year 2050 when you would probably be approaching 60 or 70 years of age? With the promise of sea level rise due to climate changes and the resultant pressures placed on fresh water resources, not to mention a more crowded living space due to population increases, what would…Read More

Read why it is necessary to conserve water, and how we can do this daily. By conserving water today, you help secure your water supply for…Read More


Did you know that two hundred scientists in 50 countries have identified water shortage as one of the two most worrying problems for the new millennium? Did you know that within 25 years, half the world's population could have trouble finding enough freshwater for drinking and irrigation? Did you also know that water problems are more related to…Read More

We need to preserve the land and have love and respect for the Earth. It is the Earth that sustains us and provides us with food. Let us…Read More


We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect (ALDO LEOPOLD). Remember not to start bush fires or destroy the land in any way. Remember that bush fires can cause extensive damage to animal habitats, damage to homes and even loss…Read More
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