I would like to implore people to do more to save our planet Earth and provide a cleaner, safer and better environment for future generations. Encourage your children to plant trees and flowers and show appreciation for nature. Families should also take the initiative and try to grow food in their own gardens- which is therapeutic, saves you money and cuts down on the food import bill for their respective countries. In developing countries, pests, inadequate storage facilities and inefficient supply chains are major contributors to food loss. Minimize waste by growing your own food and re-using left over food. Also avoid destruction of forests and vegetation and do not bury non-biodegradables such as plastics, rubber, glass bottles, metals and any materials that do not decompose easily into the earth. Avoid pollution of seas, rivers, lakes and ponds by human and animal waste. Do not dump garbage or toxic substances in water anywhere. Do not burn products like rubber, plastics, paints, foam and other resins as these can cause cancerous fumes in the air. Purchase only environment-friendly products that do not pollute the land, sea and atmosphere. Lastly minimize the use of weedicides, fungicides, pesticides and other chemicals which may poison the land, sea and atmosphere.

Here at "GHG GLOBAL POWERHOUSE," we are happy to support and distribute the Wachters' brand of products as they are organic, safe and environment-friendly too. Stay tuned to our blog page at: http://blog.globalspecialtysource.com for more earth saving ideas and tell us how you think we can make the world a much better place to live. Love and Best Wishes to you from Ms. Gillian Gaspard (Cause Leader/Advocate).


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