Friends To The Forlorn is a non-profit organization in Georgia dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating pitbulls and other bully breeds from fighting rings, abuse, and other dire situations. Taking dogs from the worst of situations and eventually placing them in forever homes is our primary goal, but we believe that this is not enough to solve the plight of the bully breed or to solve the overpopulation problem of companion animals in general. FTTF is involved in the local community through programs such as our Tails in the Hood where we reach out to owners who need help to vet, feed, and care for their dogs and our Beat the Heat program which vaccinates and sets up spay/neuter appointments for 500+ pets at one major event. We are in the schools, prisons, and inner city educating on the stigma of our bully breeds and teaching proper care and respect for all animals. At Friends To The Forlorn, rescue, community outreach, and education are what we are all about.

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