Even though we are poor we remained dignified for centuries. now it should not be difficult to fight poverty together. why our citizens are exposed to this un human treatment.

Stop the killing and abusing innocent Ethiopian brothers & sisters in Saudi Arabia

THE REASON BEHIND IS ONLY GOD creat zis world for peoples ,plz lets think like human ,coz we got brain,only animals do killing ,eating each other,etc........ i fell saudi arabia ppls not humans...shit i dont have word to tell zis

Government authorities have the right to regulate immigration and detain/deport illegal entrants to their countries, but they also have a duty to protect the human rights and safety of immigrants, and should never allow their media and the public to demonise and attack immigrants as seen in Saudi…Read More

The campaign can promote:To stop loss of national shame and start the road to national pride, curtail human rights violation, expose barbaric acts of the Saudi Arabians. The campaign transfers the silence of many Ethiopians who do not care or do not involve in a deliberate movements into a new…Read More

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