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Vahak Sakadjian

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Stop The Torture, Killing, And Sexual Abuse By Saudis.

Just ordinary People or a group of Thugs should not be the one to in force the law of the land in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia . I truly believe they have well trained police or immigration officers to make respect the law of the land not barbaric law life cruel people who use these Apportunities to let out their personal anger on the poor people's as an excitement ... by using them as a punching bag for their fist , using metal bars to crashing their head or Skull , using butcher's knives to kill and chop the head and Rope for hanging them alive. Raping women as many as 20 men And Hanging them upside down and torturing them is considered as an excitement or is like a fun to them . Is it what we expect from filthy rich people who have everything ? is this the right way to crack down the illegals ? If it is not to me , it can not be the right way to cracking down the illegals to you too , I personally consider this is a serious crime against humanity ( At this moment to Ethiopians ). In a filthy rich Country like the Kingdom Of The Saudi Arabia Everything should and must have been done by the professionals according to the law . Then What is the purpose of being filthy rich then ? The Law of the land must be respected by law obedient special department such as Police , immigration officers only. Not just by anybody . What ever the reason is, no human being must be treated like this just for being illegal . This is beyond the imagination of any human being . there for .. ETHIOPIA AND ETHIOPIANS TRULY DESERVE APOLOGY FROM THE SAUDI GOVERNMENT SOON OR LATER .

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Naomi Dargie

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Stop The Torture, Killing, And Sexual Abuse By Saudis.

Ethiopia was the first country to accept Arabian rrefugee ( immigrants) , we were accept them we werer treat them in good manner, we were protected them, we gave them shelters and food ,and we sent them with gold and extra foods, ,,,we have a great witness , they say don’t touch habesha. ..but they are not respect their elder words their profit words. that why Arabian are suffering, Egypt,Libya & sir ya, ,,yes, some Ethiopia may made a mistake in Arbian land. but killing abusing is not humanity. is not christianity or muslimizem its out of humanity….. stop abusing Ethiopian they poor.worker but they have blessed country

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