A number of violence and horrific act against Ethiopianshas been committed by Saudi Arabia citizens and law enforcement on many of immigrants from different parts of the world. But it has been worst on Ethiopians. There are several witnesses and video footage uploaded to social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube showing how serious and brutality is committed by the oil crazy people. Police and military of Saudi Arabia are seen killing or beating immigrants.

To be poor is not with no human dignity. It is true many Ethiopians have immigrated to different countries in the world including to the Arabic nations. It is however sad and hard to imagine how Ethiopians are time and time again abused, killed and brutally tortured in Saudi. 

Several times and in different situations the Ethiopian government has tried to solve the problem. However so, many Ethiopians are continued to be victims of the barbaric mentality of the  Saudi.

We here the petitioners are standing firmly against the barbaric acts of Saudi citizens and the police that are victimizing Ethiopian and other immigrants inhumanely.

Stop the killing, torture and sexual abuse of women and men living in Saudi Arabia.

If not stopped and our people not treated humanely, we would like to say that we do not need your partnership, your investment and you the Saudis to come to Ethiopia. 

To the worst the people of Ethiopia will be forced to take over all your businesses and investments that you are enjoying in Ethiopia. If you do not stop the barbaric acts committed by your police and regular citizens, the people will act the way your acting on innocent and poor individuals that ended up in your evil jaws.

I strongly urge everybody to sign the petition regardless of your political beliefs and/or motives, it is all about humanity and inhumane actions. Stopping the barbaric acts will affect many who are in danger and suffering families.


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