The selling of animals via Junkmail and Gumtree needs to stop, so that we can bring the control of animals and those who are given the opportunity to care for them, into the right hands!

It disturbs and pains me that these websites continue to allow people to advertise their animals on their classifieds, and that Junkmail has now developed a publication dedicated to the sale of animals from uncertain backgrounds to people without home checks. Allowing this to happen, allows you to play an extremely large role in the breeding of animals irresponsibly; enabling puppy mills, and backyard breeders to continue to sell their 'wares'. JunkMail and Gumtree aid all of these operations by allowing them to use their public platform and a medium through which the trade of animal lives is made easy and efficient. Actions, such as these, should NEVER be made easy and efficient, and should be fought in every single way possible. Let's challenge them to reconsider their policies, and treat animals with the respect they deserve - REMOVE the option to trade in the lives of animals from their classifieds! Disable the part they play in these horrid activities, and commit to a better future for all, four-legged and two-legged alike!


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