In a world where wearing fur is increasingly frowned upon, hey it's not the '70's any more, Coach decide it would be a great idea to have rabbits murdered & turn them into overpriced garments. If I ever get rich enough to pay $1800.00 for a tunic I certainly wouldn't want it to be at the…Read More


I have had my bunny for almost 11 yrs.
He was abandoned as a baby.
Through him he has helped me with a lot of ups and downs in my life. He was always there to greet me after a hard day at work and give me unconditionall love and laughs every day!

Coach is currently selling a tunic made from Rex rabbits. The light of my life is a Rex rabbit named Beau. He's possibly the most intelligent rabbit I have ever had. He is very loving and loads of fun. It grieves me to think of so many like him that are being slaughtered for Coach to make their…Read More

COACH is now selling Rex Rabbit Fur Products!


SEE THE…Read More